A Super Hero Vintage Comic Party for Caleb’s 7th Birthday!

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I’m taking you back.  Not to the vintage comics, but the beginning of the year when we had Caleb’s birthday party!  What little boy doesn’t love super heroes?  Mine is no exception! Here’s your photo journey of our fun day!

The Invitation
We invited each of our guests with a comic strip invitation.
All of the children were asked to come as their favorite super hero!
The Party Table
Behind the table hung a pennant banner made from vintage comics that we found at an antique mall.
I found the white bubble sign at Wal-Mart and used sharpie to write the birthday message.
I photocopied some of the comic pages to make paper cones for cheese puffs.
I cut some of the comics into strips and used them as labels for Gatorade bottles.
I used a circle hole punch to cut out images from the comics and attached them to toothpicks.  In the cups is three flavors of jello.  I found a tutorial on YouTube that explained how to add a little extra gelatin to each mixture to aid in layering.
Kikkerland paper straws made perfect sticks for these cake pops.
Game: Guess how many power pellets are in the jar!
The boys loved these Super Hero Tootsie Roll Pops!  I printed some super hero emblems on label paper and cut them with a 2″ scalloped punch.  I cut cape shapes out of construction paper and punched a hole for the stick.
Party Favors
Each of the kids were give a gable party favor box for their goodies.
I printed skyline images on label paper and attached them to the boxes.
Super Hero candy, Super Hero Tootsie Roll Pops, and Super Hero Masks purchased on Etsy.
I made the comic picture frames with $1 frames from a craft store and adhering some vintage comics with Modge Podge.


Kryptonite Handbooks with Pop Rocks stapled to the back, Super Hero stickers, and Super Hero flyers.


The kids all created their own comic strip using a template I found online.
Epic Balloon Battles
(The boys could  have done this for hours!)

Kryptonite Races
Using dowel rods they had to transport kryptonite (crumpled green construction paper) down the hall and back.  I thought this would be so easy and that it may even be ‘boring’ for the boys!  It was not easy at all!  They laughed, they struggled, and they cheered for their team!



I taped a blue plastic table cover to the wall for our backdrop and painted some cardboard black for our buildings.  The windows were made with post-it notes.
The kids all had a great time posing for pictures!
After the party we printed photos for the kids to put in their frames.







The backdrop also made a great place to sit for opening presents.


Happy 7th Birthday, Caleb!


And thank you Michelle from Memories Forever After Photography for this awesome photo!

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