Hannah’s Woodland Fairy Party

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For this party, I want it to feel magical and enchanted.  I wanted lots of color and little details to tie in the theme.  Originally this party was planned to be outdoor party, but weather was not cooperating.  So there were many last minute changes to accommodate this party indoors.

The first thing our guests saw when the arrived was the welcome sign. (which can be found in my Etsy shop)

As each of the guests arrived, they were able to pick their own Woodland Fairy Attire.  (I encouraged guests to come dressed in a leotard)  I found these wings & tutus for very affordable prices at Halo Heaven.  I loved all the color options they provided!


Once all the girls arrived, we sat down and created Fairy Gardens.  For this project, I purchased large plastic bowls from Walmart for $1ea.  I lined the bottom of the bowls with small rocks to help with drainage.  We filled the bowl the rest of the way with soil.  I bought a few flats of colorful flowers to use.  Originally I was going to  have the girls paint their own little fairy houses for their gardens outside.  But with cold weather, I opted to paint them the night before.  I found the little houses at Joann’s for $1ea, and hammered all the little bird pegs in so they would look less like bird houses.
All the girls picked a little fairy sticker for their house.  And then they created their gardens.  Extra small rocks were used to create paths in their gardens.
(Since this party was in May, I hit Lowes garden center for the rocks and soil.  There were torn open bags of both that they marked down to half price!!!)
The table was covered in a plastic table cover and a piece of burlap that I bought on a roll from Lowes.







The adorable little fairies that are in some of the pictures were made from this online tutorial I found on Tuffet.
When the girls were done making Fairy Gardens, they could head over to the party table to color these printable fairy coloring pages.
Party Table
We built the table from a MDF board cut in half with 2×4 legs. The table cover is a piece of burlap bought in a roll for about $10 from Lowes.  The table runner is from a roll of moss that I found in a craft store.  I cut it in half lengthwise to cover the length of the table.  Little accents to pull it all together were the wooden thimbles and antique keys.  For the white tulle background, I bought a 30 yd bolt of tulle and used several yards to sew with pleats to cover the wall.
The toadstool seats
The seats are white 5 gallon paint buckets that you can find in the paint department for just a few dollar each.  The toadstool covers were made from red fabric cut in circles then quickly sewn with elastic around the edge to keep it on the bucket.  Once they were on the seats, I painted white dots to make them look like toadstools.
Pixie Dust:
These are little test tubes filled with glitter. You can find the tags for them here.


Fairy Ribbon Wands
My wonderful husband helped make these.  We used Wilton wood dowl rods that we painted white.  We then cut long strips of ribbon and pinned them together with a thumb tack to the end of the rod.  These were a HUGE hit with the girls!!!!


Drinking glasses
These drink glasses are old Starbucks Frappucino bottles.  We washed them out and used GooGone to remove the labels.  And I love striped paper straws!


The Birthday Sign
This was made from free paint chip samples from the hardware department.  I used a metallic sharpie to write the birthday girl’s name.  And then strung 6″ wide tulle through hole punches to hang it.


 The Dessert Table


These were made with mini Nilla Wafers and Hershey Kisses.
They were glued together with melted chocolate.
Bird Nests & Cupcakes
The bird nests were made from those crunch Chinese noodles and melted chocolate.  The cupcakes were made with a  pre-baked mini chocolate brownie inside.
Fairy Berries
My sweet seven year old son hand-washed all these berries for his little sister’s party, and so nicely stacked them on the big platter.
Chipmunk Chips
These cones were made from some scrapbook paper I found with my craft supplies.
A Jar full of Wishes
Marshmallow Tulips
These were so easy to make!  I dipped the marshmallows in water and rolled them in sugar.  They are on Wilton sticks that are poked through the bottom of mini muffin liners.
Pink Pixie Nectar
A pitcher of Country Time pink lemonade
Time to sing ‘Happy Birthday’


Time for Presents
Sitting under an Ikea canopy was a perfect place for opening presents for her fairy party.
We just love My Little Sandboxes.


 The little fairies watching the birthday girl open her presents.

That’s all for now!  I hope you enjoyed all the details!  Thanks for visiting my blog!





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  1. This is so adorable Woodland fairy themed party. Entire decorations are looking amazing. You know I have also been thinking to organize such a cute party for my niece. But having hard time in finding best Chicago venues for this bash. If you have any suggestions then please share!

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