Sarah’s Daisy Party

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Here are the highlights from Sarah’s Daisy Party for her 2nd birthday.  The whole party was inspired by the beautiful wild daisies that were in bloom that summer.  I then remembered an old Martha Stewart magazine I had saved that had pictures of a Daisy inspired party.  I used this to help plan my party ideas.

The centerpiece used for color/inspiration was an outdoor patio tablecloth I bought on clearance the summer before at Target.  It was just the right size to cover my kitchen island, which we used as our party buffet.  We also used tons of yellow and blue balloons.  I had them everywhere on the floor for little kids to play with — always a hit!


The “dessert” side of the island …
…had daisy shaped rice crispy treats
….lemon bars
….and, of course, the main attraction — CUPCAKES!
The beautiful royal icing daisies were found on Etsy.
On the food side of the buffet we had…
….daisy shaped pb&j sandwiches
…. and luncheon meat wraps.
We served lemonade and water in coordinating yellow and blue cups.
The dining room table was set with more of the beautiful daisies (which were a cheap find at a local florist shop) and little snacks.
In our front area we had another table set up for crafts & activities.
The kids could put together sticker scenes.  (I liked this one because it included pictures of daisies!)
And my older girls taught the younger kids how to make tissue paper flowers.
It’s a bit hard to see in the picture above but the little yellow bottles in the middle of the table are bubbles.  I hot glued little daisies to the top of each one.
The kids took these outside to use during the party.
My children helped me make this banner for the party on a roll of craft paper.
We also had inflatable blue and yellow balls for all the kids.
The yellow party favor boxes had more of the daisies hot glued on all four sides.
For the girls, party favor boxes included swirl lollipops, daisy bead bracelets, and bubbles.
For the boys, we removed the bracelets, and added bugs!
I was lucky to find an adorable daisy shirt and hat at Gymboree for her birthday outfit!
Thanks for visiting and checking out all our party photos!

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